Nicegram: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Telegram Account

Experience Revolutionary Messaging - Multiple Accounts, AI Integration, and Unmatched Privacy

Multi-Account Management
Effortlessly switch between personal and professional accounts
AI Chat Assistant
Smart, responsive, and always ready to assist
Always in Sync
Stay updated with the latest Telegram features and innovations
Built-In Translator
Break language barriers with instant translations
Top-Notch Privacy
Your conversations are safe with state-of-the-art privacy features
Nicegram – Where messaging meets innovation.
More than 20+ features are available
More Features

Hear it from our Community!

ALexRocketman23 🚀😁
@Nicegram is everything I expect from a modern messenger! Luv that it’s open source cause my privacy comes first. And whatever bugs appear they fix it asap. Thnx
Aadesh 😁
I don’t remember when was the last time I used Telegram -this app is a waaaay better. I like public chats and it’s not always clear what they talk about - the translator in the app saves my time
I just think it’s the best messenger everyone should have! Can’t wait to see how integrations they talk about will work out
It’s like the improved version of Telegram. If you need lots of accounts, translator in the app or an advanced profile - this app is perfect for you!
Great to have multiple accounts, it’s more than Telelgram allows. I’ve got 7 and 5 of them are for work. Very convenient!
Jack Garcia
Content without censorship…at last I have what I want:)

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How do I get Nicegram for macOS?
Nicegram is available for macOS Apple M1 and latest -> Download
How do I get Nicegram for Android?
Nicegram was generally available for iOS, but in 2021 we're introducting Nicegram for Android. It may lack of some features for a while, but you will definitely love it! Download in the Play Store.
Why can't I join the TestFlight beta?
TestFlight betas are limited to 10,000 testers. It is very likely that all the beta slots are full. If no new slots have opened up after a few days, politely state in the Nicegram Chat that the TestFlight beta is full and you would like to join. The developer will clear out beta testers who have not updated the app recently so that new testers can join.
Why was I removed from the TestFlight beta?
Beta slots for Nicegram are in high demand. If you have not updated your beta copy of Nicegram recently, the developer will remove you so that other testers may join the beta.
Why hasn't Nicegram been updated with the newest features from Telegram?
Nicegram is mostly a copy of the official Telegram app. However, the developers making the official app frequently change their version in ways that break Nicegram's nice features. We don't think they're doing it on purpose; writing apps is hard. Our developer does his best to make sure that new changes to the official Telegram app are incorporated into Nicegram as fast as possible. Just be patient and wait.
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