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Nicegram 7.0

It was a long time between Nicegram updates. A lot of things changed and a lot of features were implemented in official Telegram app. I also assume lots of users switched to official app as well. But finally, here’s something you can hear from Nicegram.

First of all, this update is based on latest TG sources, which is version 7.0.1 (7.1 will be available very soon!)

Due to this long suspension of Nicegram development, I’ve decided that it’s became too hard to support current app code and it needs to be rewritten, so some features will be re-implemented slowly.

Unique Nicegram features 7.0

Other Features are not re-implemented yet 😩

Telegram implemented Nicegram’s features

I mostly prefer official solution due to sync and support. Legacy Nicegram features will not overwrite existing functionality in future.

Folders, Filters & Unlimited Pins

Now we have official and synced TG folders. You’re welcome to use them. Unfortunatelly, there’s no method to export NG folders to TG, you need to do that manually (or you’ve already done that).

Nicegram also implements alternative design and position for folders list.

You can setup up to 10 folders with different filters and pin up to 100 chats in each folder. If it’s not enough, you might register one more TG account.

Migration from 5.15.5 and known issues

Missing Nicegram folders


Missing chats / multiple archives / bugged pinned chats


Infinitiy “Updating…”

Issue due to bug in Telegram sources. Update to 7.1 version.


Filters on the Tabbar


Can’t restore Premium


Solution for JB (by @pancakeufo):

Crashes on iOS 10 and below

Crashes in background


How to rollback?

Nicegram restrictions

VOIP Pushes

Nicegram missing some background features due to iOS 13+ restrictions

Region availability

As a result of some Nicegram features, app was blocked in China region. Apple requires signed document from Chinese gov. All attempts to contact Chinese gov was unsuccessful. As well as publishing another China-specific app in AppStore on the same account, Apple treats it as a clone of Nicegram 😔

Solution for now: Download Nicegram with other AppStore account or join Nicegram beta

Obtaining Premium via other AppStore account may be possible with AppStore gift cards. Google for more info.

iOS does not ask you which app to use for opening links. In case you can’t open something via url staright in Nicegram, you can use third-party shortcuts

App uses ng:// url scheme


Telegram servers do not allow third-party apps to make native transactions in App via Apple Pay. You will be always redirected to a web-form.


Let’s be honest, Nicegram is not a business and I assume that Premium is kind of a donaton option to support and run Nicegram servers and it’s development, so there’re some fair rules:



It would be bad to not mention all the generous community members that help, translate, support and spread Nicegram and everything about it.

Special thanks to @xXMeliodas for donating Apple Watch so I’m able to include AW app in Nicegram.

Source Code Branches master (current) and 5.15.5 (old) are available for contribution and inspection.


You will hear more news soon. Since I have less time on NG now, I need some developer contribution assistance to the project, so updates can be released faster.

Contact @nicegram_official if you want to be part of a tiny team (which includes only me 😁)